Kindness is the Answer. We need Kindness. Huge Kindness (


So if you are wondering what to do about the problems in the world--do the kindest thing you can do right now.

If you are wondering how to get more from your employees or co-workers at work. Try the kind thing.

If you are wondering how to shift the mood in your house or your office: try kindness. 

And kindness is not just about other people. Kindness is first and foremost an inside job: start with yourself. Start where you are. Start by saying something kind to yourself instead of what you were going to say. Take care of yourself. Get rest. Get food. Stay nourished. If you are kind to yourself you will have more to give others.

Like the Roman fountains, the kindness in your bowls will build up until they naturally spill out to others. If we all did it, it would be endless.

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