Making Connections for Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Men and Boys []


Making Connections for Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Men and Boys is a national initiative to transform community conditions that influence mental wellbeing, especially for men and boys of color, veterans, and their families. Sixteen communities across the U.S. are developing and activating strategies to enhance their sociocultural, physical/built, and economic and educational environments. The Movember Foundation is funding the work; Prevention Institute is providing coordination, training, and technical assistance; and a team from the University of South Florida is evaluating progress and outcomes.

[For more of this story go to https://www.preventioninstitut...g-among-men-and-boys]

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I am writing to share a wonderful new resource from the Vital Village Network’s friend and partner, Charles C. Daniels, Jr. Charles is the Founder and CEO of Fathers’ Uplift, which works to assist fathers in overcoming barriers (financial barriers, addiction barriers, oppressive barriers, emotional barriers and traumatic barriers) that prevent them from remaining engaged in their children’s lives.

Charles’s book “Pre-Father Care: Prenatal Care for Fathers” is now available for purchase on Amazon here. This is a great tool for anyone working in mental health, parent engagement, or preparing to be a father themselves.

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