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Nearly 20 communities on ACEs Connection launch Community Presentation Trackers


As part of the rollout of Growing Resilient Communities 2.0 late last year, we provided communities with an interactive tool that maps the presentations a local ACEs science initiative does in that community. So far, nearly 20 communities, out of about 150 on ACEs Connection, have launched presentation trackers, including Maryland and Arkansas. (A full list is at the bottom of this blog post.)

Growing Resilience Communities 2.0 provides communities basic guidelines to growing their ACEs science initiatives. The four basic activities of growing a local ACEs initiative are:

  1. Educate....everybody and every organization about ACEs science, and how people are integrating trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on ACEs science.
  2. Engage....people and organizations to join the local ACEs initiative to become involved. A little bit or a lot...any involvement is good.
  3. Activate....organizations to commit to integrating trauma-informed and resilience-building practices. This results in systems change.
  4. Celebrate....any accomplishment by posting to their community on ACEs Connection and other social media, and by holding events to highlight progress. 

This is a basic framework that supports any approach to launching ACEs initiatives in a community, including Self-Healing Communities, Northeast Tennessee's Trauma-Informed System of Care, and the Building Community Resilience Collaborative.  

The four parts to Growing Resilient Communities 2.0 are critical to the success of a local ACEs initiative. Also critical to a community's success is being able to measure that success. 

The ACEs Connection Community Tracker is an extremely useful tool for local ACEs initiatives to measure their progress as they educate their community about ACEs science.

It maps the presentations that your ACEs initiative has made. It tracks:

  • who did the presentation,
  • to what organization,
  • when the presentation took place,
  • how many people attended
  • identifies the sector and subsector of those attending.

To accompany the presentation map, we provide local ACEs initiatives with a spreadsheet that lists most of any community’s sectors and subsectors. This spreadsheet also has a demographic filter, so that you can make sure you’re reaching out to all parts of your community.

In our first version of the tracker, the map had to be updated manually. Now, Samantha Sangenito, our data systems guru, has automated the map, so that the moment a community adds a presentation, it appears on the map.  

In the coming months, we'll be adding some other tools that communities have requested. 

If you're part of an ACEs initiative that has a community site on ACEs Connection, and you want a Community Presentations Tracker, contact Samantha Sangenito at

If you're part of an ACEs initiative that doesn't have a community site on ACEs Connection, and you'd like one, OR your community doesn't have an ACEs initiative and you and others in your community would like to start one, contact one of our community facilitators.

To start a community in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic region, please contact Cissy White,

To start a community site in the Midwest, please contact:  Maggie Litgen,

To start a community site in the South, contact:  Carey Sipp,

To start a community site in the West or Northwest, except California, contact: Karen Clemmer,

To start a community in California, please contact: Southern California, Capitol Region and Central Valley: Gail Kennedy,

Northern California: Karen Clemmer,

San Francisco Bay Area: Donielle Prince,

Community Presentation Trackers:

Arkansas — Community site, Community Presentations Tracker

Northeast Tennessee — Community site, Community Presentations Tracker  

In the next few days, three other community sites will be adding Community Presentations Trackers. 

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Michigan ACE Initiative, if you tell me your presentations, ill post them on a tracker on the MI ACE community site. Regardless, I will start posting everything me and our team in Tuscola County do. 

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