NEW! Closing the Opportunity Gap Infographic in Contra Costa County

While many kids in Contra Costa County are thriving, others lack basic health, education, and financial supports they need for well-being and long-term success. Since countywide statistics can mask such issues, regional data is useful for highlighting disparities and targeting resources. That’s why Children Now collaborated with the Contra Costa Economic Partnership, The Lesher Foundation , and First 5 Contra Costa to develop an infographic to help illustrate the need to close the opportunity gap in Contra Costa County.

The infographic (see attached) shows higher rates of problems for kids in West and East Contra Costa (relative to Central County), such as tooth decay among young children, ER visits for children’s asthma, kindergarteners who are NOT ready to start school, and 3rd-graders reading below grade level. Addressing these issues to lift up all kids will require a long-term commitment from community partners, elected officials, and businesses.


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