New Continuing Education Course for Nurses: "Pediatric Medical Traumatic Stress and Working with the Child Welfare System"

Do you have clients with health concerns, injuries, or acute/chronic illnesses? According to NSCAW, 28% of children in foster care have a chronic health condition, and 12% have two or more. About 35% of children in child welfare have either a health condition or special need.

Your clients with medical conditions will likely have frequent contact with the health care system.  Since many have experienced prior trauma, when faced with medical issues they are at greater risk for illness- or injury-related posttraumatic stress reactions. These PTSD reactions can impair a child’s psychosocial and functional recovery, leading to worse health outcomes.

When your clients need medical care, they are particularly in need of doctors and nurses who are knowledgeable in trauma-informed care and familiar with the child welfare system. A new online course from the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress, in collaboration with Northeast Treatment Centers of Philadelphia, Pediatric Medical Traumatic Stress (PMTS) and Working with the Child Welfare System, addresses these crucial issues.  Healthcare professionals will learn about pediatric medical traumatic stress symptoms and risk factors unique to children in the child welfare system, and skills for effective delivery of pediatric health care for these children. This online course provides 1.0 Continuing Education Credit for nurses at no cost.

 From our partners at NorthEast Treatment Centers:

"We're pleased to have collaborated with CPTS in creating this course.  Children who become known to the child welfare system have typically experienced multiple forms of trauma.  It's gratifying to know that this resource  will enhance  the health care system’s ability to  treat these children by minimizing medical traumatic stress reactions, successfully engaging them in treatment, and improving their overall well-being." 

Steve Grilli, ACSW, LCSW, CUA 7 Director, NET Community Care

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