New Member offering resources and training to parents of ACEs kids

Hi everyone! So glad to have found you all. (I'm still learning my way around so apologies if I've posted this in a few places.) I'm Alison Morris, single adoptive mother to a child with early developmental trauma whose ACEs score is sadly quite high. Even more sad is that I think my own parenting may have added a check or two since I had no idea what was going on for quite a while, and even when I did I found it SO hard to parent in a trauma-informed (connection- and relationship-based) way. 

Determined to learn what I needed to help my child (and never realizing how much it would help me, too), I set about learning all I could and ended up becoming an EFT practitioner to help me (and other parents) release stress and handle a lot of the emotional ups and downs that come with parenting these challenging kids. I also started an interview series, The Full Potential Parenting Show, where I interview doctors, practitioners, and even parents about various therapies and parenting paradigms (e.g., homeopathy, EMDR, neurofeedback, nutrition, flower essences, neurological reorganization, essential oils, vision therapy, etc.).

I also host the annual Healing our Children World Summit, a free, online interview series held in the spring where I've had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Bessel van der Kolk on Trauma, Donna Jackson Nakazawa on ACEs and resiliency, Dr. Bruce Lipton on epigenetics, Dr. Dan Siegel on No Drama Discipline, Dr. Gabor Mate on The Biology of Loss, and so many others. 

On my Full Potential Parenting website I have a number of free resources, including almost 50 interviews from the Full Potential Parenting Show, plus numerous tapping audios. I hope you'll check them out!

I'm also running an online course for parents starting next week (week of Oct. 31, 2016) to help parents learn EFT Tapping to reduce stress levels, turn up the calm, and be more patient and present. It will be a combination of pre-recorded audio classes with power points plus 5 live calls to answer questions and do more tapping. You can learn more HERE.

Really looking forward to connecting and collaborating with you!! 

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