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New Prevention Institute video about the importance of healing for health, safety, and wellbeing

Dear Friends:

Hope you all have been doing well!

I’m writing to share a two-minute video we’ve created to highlight the work of Heal SF, Healing City Baltimore, and St. Louis ReCAST. These groups are doing incredible work: transforming systems to support frontline workers, building community connections, and funding projects that matter to the community.

Amidst the pandemic, adverse climate events, and ongoing racial injustices that have strained our mental wellbeing, community-led efforts like these show how we can center equity in recovery.  Their work makes it clear: If you want to talk health, you have to talk healing.

You can watch the video here:

It would be great if you’d spread the word by sharing or retweeting the video sometime this week. Here are the links on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn:

Thanks for your support!

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