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New Study on Child Welfare-Involved Youth in Special Education

Dear Colleagues,

Wanted to share my new study out in Exceptional Children. I look at maltreatment patterns & their consequences for child welfare-involved children in special education. Findings can inform how educators support these youth, who are often overlooked.

If you don't have journal access, feel free to email me for a copy of the study:



Kevin A. Gee, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
School of Education
University of California, Davis

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Tina Cain posted:

Do you look for vigilant/hyper compliant kids and do you know if there is a comparison between vigilant / hyper compliant and selective mutism?  

Hi Tina: That's a great question! The data I use didn't capture vigilant/hyper compliant behaviors or selective mutism. This is an important area though and appreciate you raising this issue--will be on the lookout for this in future. --Kevin

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