New Video: Trauma-Driven Beliefs That Lead You Away From Good Partners


Hi friends! I’m shooting videos this week for my new course on Dating and Relationships for People with Childhood PTSD, and squeezed in this 12+-minute video, just for my followers, on Trauma-Driven Beliefs as the ultimate relationship-killers.

My written post on this topic a couple months ago was HUGELY popular –now here’s a video that gives you a glimpse into what my new course is all about. I talk about the origins of Childhood PTSD, the core problem of dysregulation. Then I list beliefs that take root in trauma experiences — that then come out to sabotage us when we’re dysregulated.


If you’re interested in the course and want first access to it when it’s ready (sometime next month), please add your e-mail to this list here!

And if you’re interested in the dating course, now would be a great time to take my first course, Healing Childhood PTSD, where I teach you the science, the symptoms and the strategies for healing dysregulation and beginning the process of healing your life. (If you decide to take both courses, you’ll get a 50% discount on the second course for which you register).

If you’d like to learn the technique I use each day to heal brain/emotional dysregulation, you can download instructions here.

And if you’re not sure if you have Childhood PTSD, you can download my quiz on symptoms you have experienced, here. 

If you prefer videos to blog posts, be sure to find (and subscribe to!) the Crappy Childhood Fairy YouTube channel here.


Anna Runkle is a mother, writer and video producer in Berkeley, California. She is the author of the blog Crappy Childhood Fairy, which is all about identifying and healing symptoms of Childhood PTSD.

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