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By Josh Sattely, Healthy Places By Design, October 10, 2019

As a board member for Healthy Places by Design who works on affordable housing at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, I often tout the connection between health and housing. Luckily, and somewhat belatedly, society increasingly understands just how interconnected housing and health are when considering challenges related to access, affordability, location, quality, and racial disparities. (Healthy Places by Design offers an overview of those connections here).

My vantage point as an affordable housing lender has enabled me to see several solutions that are scalable if more resources were available. One I am most encouraged by is the work of nonprofit affordable housing developers. These organizations tirelessly strive to house and empower low-income community members while increasingly adopting strategies that also mitigate climate change.

Case in point is the nonprofit affordable housing developer Twin Pines Housing and its Tracy Community Housing project in West Lebanon, NH, which is addressing many of the negative trends in housing and health while also reducing the project’s impact on the climate.

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      Having been in 'Senior Housing', in the NH 'Upper Valley' I was amazed at a newly finished complex - which used 'Rock Wool' to insulate and mitigate loud sounds like barking dogs that can be heard in my current building-which has no 'Rock Wool' or sound insulation---as my hearing-impaired adjoining neighbors sometimes want to listen to radio or television at 11:++ p.m. or as early as 3:30 am, and it interferes with my sleep patterns when the loud sound resonates in our hollow walled building...

    Kudos to the NH Community Loan Fund for designing housing with sound insulation- as I had seen it installed during construction, and recently talked to some new tenants who spoke favorably about the quiet there.... And thanks to staff for posting this. I hope the "PE/ACE" oriented program[s] of the Troy [NY] Housing Authority are favorably noted someday.

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