North Carolina Statewide ACEs Connection Site Launches


Community managers from 12 of 17 North Carolina ACEs Initiatives and the North Carolina statewide site met and exchanged information and ideas.

North Carolina launched a statewide ACEs Connection site at the Benchmarks' Partnering for Excellence Annual Conference today.

"We are excited to organize the state and connect people with their local resources to each other, and to be able to capture and catalogue all the great work that is being done on the community level," said Catherine Joyner. Joyner is executive director of the Child Maltreatment Prevention Leadership Team that’s part of Essentials for Childhood in the  Division of Public Health, Women's and Children's Health Section, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.


North Carolina joins 29 other states with a statewide ACEs Connection site and a statewide ACEs initiative. A state-by-state listing is in the State ACEs Action community.  

Currently North Carolina has 17 communities with ACEs initiatives. Representatives from 12 of the communities and the statewide site are attending an ACEs Connection event this evening to connect with each other, share information about their work, learn from each other, and see how they may be able to help each other in their work in the state’s ACEs movement.

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For more information about creating an ACEs community initiative in the Southeastern United States, contact Carey Sipp, SE region community facilitator for ACEs Connection, at or 404-408-9566. Please visit Growing Resilient Communities 2.0 to find out how to start an ACEs initiative in your community, and to identify and connect with the community facilitator in your region. 


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