Our Biography Is Our Biology - Christiane Northrup, MD

"But I assure you that you know many women who've been raped or abused or both. They probably just haven't said anything. Silence is part of the disease. When you meet victims face-to-face and know them as your neighbors, friends, or patients like I have, you realize that everyone on the planet (even those in a small town in Maine) is adversely affected by gender violence....

When faced with the enormity of this level of violence and suffering, it is easy to simply become numb, go into denial, or use excess sugar, drugs, or alcohol to help with the numbing. But there's another way. A way that truly heals at the deepest level and that renders the former victim a beacon of light and a force for good.

The first step is naming the problem. That's already happening. The One Billion Rising movement is part of the naming. It's part of breaking the silence. And it's part of shedding a light on the darkness that has been going on for centuries on this planet...."



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