Our Homes Are Key To Our Health [rwjf.org]


by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2019.

Why Housing?

Millions of families in America are struggling to keep a roof over their heads—and it’s taking a toll on their health. In a Culture of Health, everyone has an opportunity to reside in an affordable, safe, stable home and a neighborhood that fosters well-being. That’s why, in this Annual Message, RWJF is highlighting housing as one key factor of thriving communities. The data and stories below are just a few examples of how housing is linked to health and equity.

Not everyone has the same opportunities to be healthy where they live—and that needs to change.

Housing costs in America remain unacceptably high, and this is bad for our nation’s health. In many communities, housing costs have outpaced local incomes. As more people experience the burden of severe housing costs, there are more children in poverty, more people who don’t know where their next meal will come from, and more people in poor health.

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