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Pandemic Parenting - An Event to Help Parents Upstream!


I hope you will share this FREE VIRTUAL parenting event with your community! It is a neurodevelopmentally & trauma-informed parenting event to help reduce child abuse during this stressful time. The event is next week APRIL 20-24th!

The research shows the alarming negative impact of the pandemic on children and their parents. Several studies have shown:
  • A majority of parents (52%) said financial stress and social isolation is getting in their way of parenting
  • 1 in 5 said they spanked/slapped their child at least once in the past two weeks, and 12% had a few times and more!
  • 4 in 10 parents shouted at their child in the past two weeks
  • 1 in 5 said they are shouting and spanking more often
This event aims to support the nervous system of parents to help them feel less reactive while also teaching them science-based tools to parent non-violently without expressing shame toward their children or themselves.
In gratitude πŸ™,
Robbyn Peters Bennett, LPC, CMHS

Parenting is hard, especially when we don't have the supports and information we need to better understand our growing children.

And nothing has made this more apparent than trying to parent during a pandemic!

You'll learn EXACTLY what your children need to...

We're going to help YOU too!

While you're learning what your kids need, we'll also help you better understand and meet your own needs.

Do you ever wonder

  • Why do I have more patience some days than others?
  • Why do noises or messes get on my last nerve?
  • I don't want to parent the way I was parented, but what can I do instead?

A BRAND-NEW kind of event to support you!

This is not a typical "sit and listen" online summit. We're incorporating what science tells us about trauma and learning to bring you a holistic experience that combines movement and meditation to make learning easier and more fun.

Join us as we learn from renowned experts in the fields of child development, neuroscience, psychology, and parenting!

Conversational Learning

Understand your child's unique development, why you sometimes lose it, and what to do instead.

Parent Stories

Hear stories from parents like you who are learning to parent with connection and cooperation.

Healing Modalities

Easy-to-use practices to help calm your nervous system and connect with yourself and your family!



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This is terrific, Robbyn! I am sharing widely with friends who are parenting and teaching and working and juggling and struggling, and will ask our Parenting with ACEs community community manager to post there. I can think of several other communities for which this will be a great post, too!

I appreciate your thoughtful and spot-on-the-need work, and even though I no longer have children at home, am very interested in this offering, from the standpoint of being able to share best practices with friends who are parenting.

Thank you for all you do for the PACEs science movement and community!

Carey Sipp

SE Regional Community Facilitator

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