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The next online chat event in the 2017 series is fast approaching. 

Date: Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 (10 AM PST / 1 PM EST)

Topic: Parenting, PTSD & ACEs.

Guests: Dawn Daum & Joyelle Brandt are parents, writers, advocates and trauma survivors. Together, they edited the forthcoming Parenting with PTSD anthology and created an online community for parents recovering from childhood abuse. They educate mental health, human service and other professionals about the challenges and lived experiences of those parenting with ACEs.

Chat Topics to be Covered:   

  • ACEs for parents.
  • PTSD & parent triggers.
  • Survivor wish list.
  • Parent-led advocacy, policy & social change.

In this chat, all can connect peer to peer, person to person and parent to parent to discuss parenting, PTSD & ACEs. We can share stories, resources and have direct access to one another. We can create community and a list of tools, services, supports, books, blogs and approaches useful day to day or in times of crisis.

“Many survivors of childhood abuse are living with un-diagnosed PTSD that becomes in-manageable when they have kids of their own,’ Daum and Brandt wrote.  “And the worst part of that is the feeling that you are broken and alone.” 

They hope their book for survivor parents, Parenting with PTSD,  “starts a conversation about what it takes for families to heal from generations of abuse."

This live chat allows you to join that very conversation right here in Parenting with ACEs Group / ACEs Connection.

To Participate on June 13th  ( 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST )

If You ARE a Member of the Parenting with ACEs Group

  1. Go to Parenting with ACEs Group on June 13th. Find Featured Chat at top.

If NOT a Member of ACEs Connection or Parenting with ACEs Group

  1. Go to ACEsConnection and see “Join ACEs Connection” on the right sidebar.
  2. Go to Groups, All Groups, find Parenting with ACEs Group, Join This Group. Please do these steps BEFORE chat event.
  3. Go to Parenting with ACEs Group on June 13th. Find Featured Chat at top.

Please find the flyer for the Parenting, PTSD & ACEs chat event below.   

More about Featured Guests Dawn Daum (Left) &  Joyelle Brandt (Right)

dawn joyelleDawn Daum who is co-editor of Trigger Points: Childhood Abuse Survivors Experiences of Parenting (being re-released with new chapters as Parenting with PTSD) is a parenting survivor. She spends her work week as a mental health care manager, helping others put and keep pieces of their lives together. Working in the trenches of the mental health system, and being a survivor of childhood abuse with an ACE score of 9, Dawn is passionate about bringing trauma-informed care to the forefront of mental health and medical care. When she isn’t working or capturing life on paper, she’s taking advantage of life’s simple leisure's with her husband and two children in Upstate, NY. Dawn’s work has been featured on The Establishment, Huff Post Parents, Elephant Journal and Scary Mommy and on her blog.

Joyelle Brandt is an artsy mama who loves all things creative. She is the author/illustrator of Princess Monsters from A to Z, and an accomplished singer/songwriter and speaker. Joyelle believes that her purpose in life is to be a beacon of light, and that the three most important things are love, kindness and gratitude. When she is not busy raising two rambunctious boys, she is most often found playing her guitar or covered in paint at her art desk. Joyelle is currently creating Love Your Body events, retreats and workshops to help women reclaim ownership of their bodies and learn to love their whole selves. Find more on her website: 

The Parenting with PTSD Mission in Their Own Words: 

  • To let parenting survivors know that they are not alone, and that what they are experiencing is a perfectly normal reaction for those who’ve experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).
  • To educate those in the mental health, medical, human services and education fields about common triggers that arise for parents with PTSD, and the challenges they experience while working to break cycles of generational abuse and dysfunctional behaviors.
  • To help partners and families better understand the experience of parenting for abuse survivors. 

Questions/Comments: Please contact Christine Cissy White, Parenting with ACEs Group Manager,

Please find the flyer for the Parenting, PTSD & ACEs chat event below.  

Parenting with ACEs Group / LIVE Chat Series 2017

All Chats @ 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST 


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