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I love your posts @Jodi Wert

I totally agree

My body gets bombarded with messages (sensory input) from my surroundings

Those that are foreign and unpleasant cause fear and confusion

Over time I have carefully constructed armour to deflect all those sensory inputs

Unfortunately, my armour deflects all sensory input including love and attachment

How many children have started to construct their armour to protect them?

I have discovered that I need to tear down the barriers and let love in and to let relationships with others flourish

It is hard work

That is why we have to be gentle with our children

To surround them with love, kindness and compassion

And when they are scared we need to comfort them

And help them through their fear

So they do not build armour around them

Because once that armour is up

One gets insular

It gets so lonely

We want our children to feel safe to reach out

To ask for help when they need it

To speak and be heard

So they are understood

Then they will not feel that they are alone

Thank you so much @Jodi Wert

I hope to catch you again at our next session......

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