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Peacetown Family Village

Peacetown was always just a summer concert series with a vision to promote peaceful coexistence, kindness, love and joy. Peacetown is now a non profit with more room to expand and offer more to our community. Last year I founded The Family Village. This was a space sectioned off at the summer concert series where hundreds of families came through, played with their children, made positive social connections, and had a great time. Every week a different organization was invited to set up a table and share resources which opened doors for important conversations to occur as well as maximize our communities resources. 

This year as we are not able to have our concerts held in person it was vital that there be a way to connect families to their community and get local resources into their hands, as well as offer families something fun. I decided to offer Peace Bags, a free gift to families offered every week available for pickup at a local toy store. I set up tables and the families really enjoy coming to pick them up.  The Peace Bags have an activity that promotes family engagement, community connection, local resources, and some fun. Every week a different local organization "sponsors" by donating an activity and providing resources to go into the bags. This has been a successful way to promote the Protective Factors as well. 

The Peace Bags can be picked up every Wednesday through September 2nd at The Toyworks in Sebastopol between 2-5pm. 

Attached are pictures from last year as well as a few photos of our Peace Bags 


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