People are so stressed by this election that the American Psychological Association has coping tips []


Even first lady Michelle Obama is feeling it.

In an emotional speech Thursday, she shared that the Republican presidential nominee’s comments from the now infamous “Access Hollywood” video about groping women had “shaken me to my core in a way I could not have predicted.”

Weeks before The Washington Post made that 2005 video of Donald Trump public, before Trump supporters were interrupting Hillary Clinton rallies by screaming that Bill Clinton is a rapist, before Trump told Clinton to her face that she should be in jail, Americans were already seriously stressed out by this election.

In August, the American Psychological Association included a question in its annual Stress in America survey about this election. It released the results of that particular query on Thursday, and it found that more than half of U.S. adults, regardless of party, felt very or somewhat stressed by the election.

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