Pocket Time by Sarah H. Waite


Pocket Time is a book for children who don't understand why they are in foster homes or adoptive homes and who yearn for their birth parents.  It is also for children in general to help them understand class members who are very withdrawn or who act out in their classrooms.  

The story depicts three generations of hedgehogs to show how behaviors, with an ACEs rating of 5, are passed down. I decided to offer a video of myself reading Pocket Time on YouTube so that people working with ACEs in schools and communities everywhere have free access to the book.  The YouTube version is for adults:  https://youtu.be/CQcKZtRJKcw

The children's video version with no discussion of ACE's is on my website <seastarstories.com>

I'd love to hear feedback from ACEs Connection members and readers.



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Cissy White (ACEs Connection Staff) posted:

I’ve not watched your videos but the book cover is adorable!!!

Thanks, Cissy!  You can watch the videos any time, and when you see the YouTube one, please Like it.