Poem: Old Lady In The Lighthouse


Old Lady in the lighthouse, where did you go? One day I filled my pockets full of stones.
I wadded slowly, into the vicious ocean storm. You were there beside me, I was never alone.

Hand over hand you retrieved me from the waters deep. It was not time to relinquish, forever fall asleep.
You cradled my face in your cupped warm hands.
You gently rocked me, brushed my hair full of sand.

Remember that little girl, who remains my foe? She still clings to me wretchedly in tow.
Please old lady in the lighthouse soaring above. Where did your kind and loving sweetness go?

I am a woman now, yet I still carry that child within.
I need you old lady, my body grows oh so tired and thin. That little girl sits all alone on a wooden schoolyard swing. She is pensive, sad and waiting for the hollow bell to ring

The old lady in the lighthouse appears to me once more. The fog light behind her reveals the beauty of her core. She speaks to me in her noble, steadfast voice. Lovingly, all knowingly, in full acceptance of my choice.

You can find that tangled, unloved, sweet little girl within. You both believe you alone carry a secret ugly sin.
It is now time to rejoice, embrace and make amends. Together you are one, as this sacred journey now begins.

You must find her, she is walking all alone in the storm. Sit with her, hold her, there is nothing more to mourn. She is you, and you are her, you are innately one.
It is time to forgive, couple, caress, under the same sun.

Together you will share secrets that no more shall be. Together you will play and take long walks along the sea. Together you form one being, fully awake and all knowing. Together you are released, undaunted, and still growing.

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This is poem I wrote many years ago and recently found it. This piece of writing is about my adult self who is for the first time is realizing I have a child within me that needs to be forgiven, loved and accepted. In her forgiveness she saves the child from drowning. (which is her deep desire for the pain to stop). They meet for the first time and begin to integrate, navigating the storm together....and begin their journey of acceptance and forgiveness.ACE image copy  


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