Positive Youth Justice, Part Five: Waterside Workshops, Berkeley, Calif. [ChronicleofSocialChange.org]



Last month, The Chronicle of Social Change began “Positive Youth Justice: Curbing Crime, Building Assets,” a series that imagines an entire continuum of juvenile justice services built on the positive youth development (PYD) framework. We accomplish the “creation” of that continuum by profiling successful programs and organizations all over the country.

Today, we look at Waterside Workshops, a small program that makes a big commitment to helping juvenile offenders develop job skills and stable settings.

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Last week, our Positive Youth Justice series explored the use of positive youth development at the William F. James Ranch, an incarceration facility in Santa Clara County, Calif. The ranch has used a mix of aggression replacement therapy, work apprenticeships and credit recovery to drive down recidivism rates and violent incidents at the facility.

The next logical step on the juvenile justice continuum is re-entry, the all-important time when kids leave the containment of the program to which they’ve been adjudicated, and return to home to the environment in which they got in trouble in the first place.


[For more of this story, written by John Kelly, go to https://chronicleofsocialchang...-berkeley-calif/9669]


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