Raising of America offering free screening of all five episodes


From Feb. 1 - 15, you'll be able to screen, for free, all five episodes of Raising of America, the five-part documentary about early childhood and the future of the U.S., from the Raising of America web site

If you'd rather attend a screening, check out the list of upcoming events here to see if there's one near you. You can also find out if your local PBS station will be showing it here; some PBS stations are hosting live in-studio discussion after the broadcast. 

And on Feb. 3rd or Feb. 7th, most public television stations will broadcast the first episode, The Raising of America-Signature Hour, on their WORLD Channel during prime time. (You can find your local station, its World Channel and broadcast schedule for The Raising of America in this Google doc.)

After you watch the series, the documentary producers suggest starting with an Action Toolkit to spark discussion around "the most strategic ways your organization can use the series; think beyond your sector to consider how your organization can connect with or support living wage jobs, affordable housing, racial justice, paid family leave, high-quality universal early care; etc.; and for inspiration check out a few of the many innovative ways organizations are using the series to make young children and their families a local, state, even national priority."

Here's the 30-second trailer:

The Raising of America - Trailer (30 sec) from California Newsreel on Vimeo.


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