Report: Solutions To Stop Sexual Violence Against Children []


By Susan Brink,, November 19, 2019

Sexual violence against children happens everywhere: in wealthy enclaves, in slums, in suburbs, in rural villages.

Invariably, it happens in secret: in the privacy of family homes, in dark corners of schools and churches, and in murky shadows at neighborhood, community, sporting and scouting events.

It happens often, and periodically groups put out reports to call attention to the issue. "That's usually where the story stops," says Daniela Ligiero, CEO and executive director of Together for Girls, an organization that works to prevent violence against children. "But there's a lot to be done to prevent it. We want to showcase solutions."

Together for Girls, in partnership with the Oak Foundation and the Equality Institute, organizations with similar goals of preventing violence against children, examined scientific studies and sought expert opinion to compile a review of evidence. Their report, "What Works to Prevent Sexual Violence Against Children," was released Nov. 19.

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I wasn't expecting it to also occur in our elderly public housing, but the lack of sound proofing in the walls/between floors, and the [clear, audible] voice of an eight year old girl, about 11:30 p.m.-from the apartment beneath mine, articulately asserting to her mother, her wish to not 'be touched like that', caused me some concern. Within a few days, I heard other neighbors 'gossiping' about having seen the [male]  'tenant-of-record' having grabbed the eight-year old by the buttock, outside our building, ... - -fortunately, the eight-year old, her older brother, and mother 'fled' within a few days...

This was not the first time ...  - - -in a conversation with another [now deceased] tenant who spoke to me about her mother and two older sisters having fled their 'home-of-record'-when she was only 13 years old, and her father subsequently telling her that girls didn't need to go to school after age 13 (and nobody from that school district came to inquire why she stopped attending school [in Georgia]) ... and the tenant later also mentioning [to me] that she wasn't sure if her own father was also the father of one of her children....

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