Resilient Georgia launches website and videos with GPB

The Resilient Georgia initiative has launched a new website:  Visit the website to learn more about the organization and the work they are doing related to ACE awareness. The mission of Resilient Georgia is: To lead a state-wide coalition to develop a closely-aligned and trauma-informed public and private network working toward a united vision to create a birth through 26 year old integrated behavioral health system. Key components to be implemented by our partners include prevention, early intervention, research, advocacy and policy, and System of Care implementation and coordination. 

Recently, GPB televised this video with Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, the Resilient Georgia Board Chair: . Resilient Georgia Presents, the roundtable discussion to address statewide needs in mental health, wellness, and resiliency during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Deborah -

Thanks for posting! 

There is a lot of ACEs Science work going on in Georgia!I welcome any help to know of other initiatives that are sharing the science, working toward preventing and healing ACEs; building resilience at the neighborhood, city, or county level.

We're thrilled that the work of the Center for Family and Community Wellness, Inc, has led to the creation of several PEACEXPEACE ACEs Connection communities in Georgia. Danette Glass and volunteers are working in Atlanta, and in Clayton and DeKalb counties. 

There is other work by an an addictive diseases and mental health counselor in two more counties, and I need to circle back people who are doing work in Athens. 

Let me know if you know of any other activity? I am in synch with Emily Anne Vall at Resilient Georgia. Perhaps it is time to have all of the community managers on one call, or to have them join in on upcoming the Resilient Georgia meeting. 

This is exciting and again, I appreciate your posting, Deborah,



Carey Sipp

SE Regional Community Facilitator

ACEs Connection

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