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Education resources, including mental health, for kids, families during coronavirus pandemic


We have an abundance of helpful links and posts swirling online to support families and school systems as we adjust to our new normal of learning while self-isolating at home. Thousands of free academic resources from the NYT student writing prompts,  to the Anti-Racist, Anti-Oppressive Homeschool Resource list, to this excellent collection from BuzzFeed, and the ever-growing crowd-sourced collection aptly named Amazing Educational Resources are being shared.

Our schools do so much more than support our children’s academic growth, something I am sure we are acutely aware of now, if we weren’t before. Our school communities support many of our families’ basic needs. During this time of unprecedented school closings, many districts around the country are working together with their communities to figure out how to feed families and support them in any way they can.

School mental health is a vital component of this network of support for children and families. How can we support the mental health of children and families in this new reality? I reached out to colleagues, scoured the Internet, and began compiling a list. This is not meant to be all-inclusive; it’s simply a conversation starter.

Thank you to my colleague, Leora Wolf-Prusan at CARS, for the following:

Here are a few others:

We’ll be adding more resources as time goes on. If you have any that you like, please leave them in the comments, below. We’ll compile them with these in a resource list that we’ll continue to update as long as necessary.

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We are taught the value of focus in everything we do. We have seen how focus on ensuring food security created the green revolution in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In recent times a focused approach led to the eradication of polio from the country and the creation of massive sanitation capacity in all parts of the country.  If you are fitness club owner and want to boost your business. Simply build a fitness app to increase the user interaction with you and to attract the more customers.

Our schools do a lot more than assists the academic progress of our children, something I know we are thinking about right now if we haven’t already. He had write my paper for me cheap for me. Our school communities support many of our families' basic needs. At this time of unprecedented school closures, many communities around the country are working with their communities to figure out how to give families support and support in any way they can.

I hope that some of you will check out the new resource book we released, never knowing it would coincide with this viral outbreak, but it was written for challenging times like these. It is a holistic way to work with yourself, children, your family and community.  Easy to learn, use and remember, fast and efficient strategies to reduce fear/threat response in the limbic system and ANS. We're working in some videos about it; here is one - not slick or commercial but gets message across:

And here is the AMAZON link to the handbook just released; 3 sections: Help Yourself, Help Others, How to Teach Others to Help.   If you find it practical, useful please share with another?  Thank you.  And if there is someone out there who really needs it and cannot afford, write me via the ACEs site and I will get you a pdf. - Best - Jondi

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