Self-Care Empowerment


Our mission at Grandfamily Today always centers around connection and ending isolation for Grandfamilies. Join me free for 5 weeks of Self-Care Empowerment. You can set your own schedule to connect-share-feel empowered! This is interactive! Join us! We will be using email and Marco Polo. If you’ve never used Marco Polo, don’t worry it’s easy and free! It was designed by a married couple to stay in touch with family around the globe. It is video based, but short videos and our group will be completely closed, no video bombing like other platforms have experienced. You view my short “lesson/discussion” video snippet weekly on our closed Marco Polo community  and post your response. Everyone in the class can see your video but no one on the outside. I will respond to each of you with a video response using Marco Polo. You can discuss, respond to others in the closed community using Marco Polo. I miss teaching, connecting and seeing others. Let’s learn and share together! Let’s be empowered in our Self-Care!

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Please send me an email so I can share with you the details. I have 9 years of experience teaching online and maximizing personal interactions for better engagement in online learning. I’ve seen a lot of webinars and amazing free offerings, but as a former professor in higher education what I see is missing is the building of a community to maximize learning. My hope is to create that in this offering.


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