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SEPT 4, 2019 HHS Webinar - Childhood Trauma and Mental Health Impacts


I just received an email notification of an upcoming Webinar hosted try the Health and Human Services - Center for Faith and Opportunities Initiative 9Partnership Center)

Thought it would be helpful to share!

The following is an excerpt of the announcement.


Trauma ― specifically trauma experienced as children or adolescents ― can significantly impact individuals across their entire lives. In fact, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (@NCTSN) notes that survivors of childhood trauma are more likely to have long-term health problems and are at a higher risk of premature death than their peers. Correlatively, @NCTSN noted, “Adult survivors of traumatic events may also have difficulty in establishing fulfilling relationships and maintaining employment.”
As the stigma surrounding mental health begins to slowly fade — in faith communities, as well as the broader culture — people are starting to ask questions, such as, “What constitutes as trauma?" "How does it affect the whole person?" and "How can it be addressed most effectively?”
This webinar seeks to address these and other questions by focusing on the impact untreated childhood trauma  also referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) — can have on those who may be struggling with mental health concerns. We hope to help local faith and community leaders recognize ACEs' signs and symptoms, and to equip them with proven resources they can choose to incorporate into their congregational and community outreach efforts. 



Register at this link:

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