Sick and Stressed from CPTSD? Power Up Your SELF CARE (Resilience Series)


I’ve been talking about resilience in recent posts — the obstacles that hold back recovery, and the strengths we need to keep healing. Last week the topic was fear. In this post (and the video that goes with it)  I want to go up a layer to the next strength, and that’s self-care.

I used to think self-care was just hot baths and chocolate for people whose problems were so small that this would actually solve them. But 25 years of continuous healing and strength-building has taught me that, while it’s true that self-care by itself probably won’t heal Childhood PTSD, it makes healing more possible, and it definitely makes it more sustainable. 

How many times have you had some healing breakthrough from a book or retreat or a new healing technique or a new boyfriend or girlfriend, and then within about three days you’re feeling more dysregulated and dysfunctional than ever? For me, so many times.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE..


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