Some Teens Don't See School as a Kind Place. Here's Why That Matters. []


While mental health is a priority for many high school students, they don't always see their schools as supportive places where they can seek help and talk through problems, a survey released Thursday finds.

And that matters because teens often turn to informal support from peers to get through personal difficulties and stress, the report's authors said.

Fifty-four percent of high school students responding to the online survey said mental health was a very important priority, and 34 percent described it as somewhat important.  

But students who scored lower on a mental health inventory included in the survey were less likely to describe their schools as kind places. And students who said their schools adopted supportive practices, like greeting students at the door and including discussions of mental health in class, were more likely to score higher on that mental health inventory than their peers in schools that did not adopt those practices.

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