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 Sound, music and guided imagery have played an important role in my healing. I honestly don’t think healing would have happened in the absence of sound therapy. I have been taking doses of healing sounds in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Two years ago, I was on the brink of another breakdown, a narcissist colleague began targetting me, spreading lies and creating a very hostile work environment. Call it serendipity or desperation I decided to listen to a 'Kelly Howell' Prayer a Guided Meditation, and by the end of it, I felt a shift happen in my mind. No longer, did I feel like a trapped animal in an intolerable and inescapable situation.  A feeling of lightness and hopefulness filled me. Something I had not felt in years.

The feeling lasted for some time but it was enough for me to know that change is possible. That our thoughts can be altered, and life can become better.  Since then I have tried so many types of sounds and can personally vouch for the fact that sound therapy works.  There are certain sounds that heal not just your mind but also your body.

Depending on one’s state of mind, at times some sounds work instantaneously while at another time the same sound may not be that effective. I have learned picking music is instinctual and it is best to follow your heart.

The human body is a symphony of sounds. Every chakra, every organ, every bone, every tissue, every cell has its own resonant frequency, its own sound. However, this tonal balance is disturbed due to emotional upheavals and trauma.  Just the same as how a guitar needs to be tuned from time to time our system is the same way.

Richard Gerber, M.D. states in his book "Vibrational Medicine,":

"When supplied with a dose of the needed energetic frequency, it allows the cellular bioenergetic systems to resonate in the proper vibrational mode, thereby throwing off the toxicities of the illness."

Healing sounds help those with high ACEs who are weakened emotionally and physically because of trauma to shift low energy to a healthy frequency.

According to studies, there are 5 frequencies (beta, alpha, theta, delta & gamma) that our brain experiences. However, the theta brainwave range is the one in which the body and mind’s natural self-healing processes are activated and optimized.

In the last two years, I have tried many varied sounds, and all have been helpful depending on my inner states.

There is nothing like any particular sound is better than the others. The choices are many and finding something that deeply touches your core may take time and patience. But if you trust, the universe will lead you to that sound which will lift you from your state of despair to highly beneficial states of consciousness:

Healing Music

There are many artists who specialize in sound healing music which is different from regular music. Steven Halpern, Kelly Howell, Deuter, and Karunesh are the ones that I have found helpful. Though some may find regular music relaxing or maybe listening to classical pieces like Mozart, Bach mind transforming.  Again, go with your instinct.

The best part you can put on your headphones and become lost in the musical tones even while doing your daily chores. I found this to be a better alternative to meditation which I feel is over-hyped as a healing modality.


A mantra in Sanskrit means sacred syllable(s) or sacred word(s).  Mantras are divine formulas formulated by the ancient Rishis who understood the power of sound to change the physical and emotional world.  One does not need to actually chant mantras, just listening to them gradually brings about a shift in one’s thought process.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts listening or silently saying any of these mentally helps override those thoughts. It's not really suppressing the painful thoughts, the mantra sound causes a thought shift, the neurons in the brain are gently prodded into firing differently. Remember that Neurons that fire together wire together.

My favorite ones are: OM, Soham, Gayatri Mantra, and two Buddhist mantras are Om Mani Padme Hum, Green Tara Mantra.

Crystal Bowls/ Tibetan Bowls

Listening to the subtle sounds of crystal bowls being played is deeply relaxing. The vibrational tones reach the core of one’s soul. You can feel the heavy emotional layers that you subconsciously hold onto simply lift.  You can actually sense the cells of your body resonating long after the playing has stopped.

Shamanic Drumming

Since long drumming has been a simple and effective way to induce ecstatic trance states. Transported by the driving beat of the drum; the shamanic traveler journeys to the inner planes of consciousness where healing is activated.

ASMR Sounds (autonomous sensory meridian response)

Described as a pleasurable tingling that begins in the head and scalp, shimmies down the spine and relaxes the entire body. It is sometimes called a “brain orgasm". There are plenty of Youtube videos, to experience the tingles. Amid the din of daily life, there is solace in simple sounds.

Prayer, Call For Help

And then there are times when in deep despair, none of the above work, that's the time I turn to listening and reciting the psalms.  Psalm 23 is my favorite,  knowing that "The Lord is my Shepherd."

Below is a good explanation how sound therapy works

Sound Therapy for Anxiety and Stress: Jonathan Adams and Montana Skies at TEDxTelfairStreet

As a mother, I find sound therapy convenient because one doesn't need to lock the kids out.  One need not have to schedule a fixed time for it, free from disturbance. One can just put on the music system, (headphones may be better) while doing your normal chores. However, do avoid tasks that require concentration and are hazardous as one may be relaxed and one's reflexes may not be that quick.

The mind shift is gradual but the transformation is permanent. Sound healing works but faith and patience are needed.

It has worked for me, most of my emotional issues have disappeared.

 The above options are the ones that have worked for me there are many more options, explore and find the right fit for your needs.

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Thank you, Cheryl, for a fantastic and informative post.  I just listened to Jonathan Adams and am so fascinated and moved by how quickly the music effected me.  Sound therapy is now going to be a part of my healing journey.  Thank you for introducing it to me.  Peace and blessings to you.