Meeting Agendas: Community Meetings, Steering Group, Strategic Planning Meeting

Sample Community Meeting Agenda:

I. Mindful Moment

II. Introductions
                   Welcome New Members

III.      Steering Group Celebrations & Updates

IV.      ACEs Connection Community Site - *Tips and Tools

V.      Work Group Report Out
                   A.     Outreach & Membership
                   B.     Communications & Events
                   C.     Trainings and Presentations
                   D.     Sector specific Work Groups

VI.        Presentation from Community Organization or Individual of Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Building Journey 

VII.      Time for Networking

Sample Steering Group Meeting Agenda:

Recommended Roles

  • Facilitator: See draft agenda below 
  • Note taker: Type notes on laptop at meeting
  • Uploader and photographer: Upload notes to ACEs Connection group as a blog for comment by group, populate ACEs Connection group with content from notes (add previous or upcoming events to calendar, invite new members to join, post presentations/videos to clips, start any necessary forums/discussion topics, etc.). Post a photo or two from the meeting. 

Draft Agenda

  • Intros and icebreaker (consider honoring people's work and engaging the senses by including a moment of silence, a short meditation, handing out warm towels, lavender lotion, small bottles of bubbles, etc.)
  • Showing the group on a screen via laptop and computer projector, review one function of the ACEs Connection group  (one new function per meeting -- how to post a blog, how to add a calendar event, how to add a video, etc.)
  • Review any ACEs presentations done by group members since the last meeting, and assign requests for presentations.
  • Updates and next steps from Working Groups (if established)
  • Work on assets mapping (contacts, presentations, outreach, invites, etc.); ask for volunteers to do outreach, set up meetups with organizations in sectors that aren't involved yet.  
  • Review where the group is at on the Roadmap to Resilience and make decisions on where to go next
  • Plan for public meetings/community roundtables/town halls, special events, and/or ACEs Summits
  • Conduct ACEs and Resilience surveys among Steering Committee members (can be anonymous, would be helpful to include results)
  • Ask people to post a blog about what they're doing.

Sample Strategic Planning Agenda

Goal: At the conclusion of this session, we will have a clear sense of our purpose, what we are working for, and possibly some concrete activities or next steps.

 Determine notetakers and/or recorders for each section.

  1. Mindful minutes — 5 min
  2. Introductions, planning goals and expected deliverables — 15 min
  3. What is your purpose? Why are you  here? — 70 min
  4. Review and Refresh Your Mission/Vision  Review draft handouts
  5. Where are you now? What are you currently doing and what is working?       30 min
  6. 6.  How do you want to get there? — 75 min  Complete next steps Action Plan
  7. What next? — 15 min  What are you doing next week/ next month? What future planning is needed?


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