Supporting Evidence Building in Child Welfare Project Evaluation Opportunity Announcement


The Supporting Evidence Building in Child Welfare Project, a five-year project of the Urban Institute, to support the Administration for Children and Families, is increasing the number of evidence-supported interventions for the child welfare population by conducting rigorous evaluations and supporting the field in moving toward rigorous evaluation. The project focuses on evaluating interventions that already have some evidence of effectiveness and are currently operating or those that will be in the near future. The goal is to increase the number of interventions that are considered by the field to be supported by evidence. The project is inviting child welfare agencies and others to nominate themselves and a program or service that they would like to be evaluated as part of this project.

The project is particularly interested in evaluating programs or services in the following areas:

  • Community-based primary prevention models
  • Mental health prevention and treatment services
  • Substance abuse prevention and treatment services
  • In-home parent skill-based programs
  • Kinship navigator programs
  • Programs for transition-age youth

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Are you familiar with the work of Rise? They are a great source and write and share experiences as families who have been involved in child protective services.

Here's a bit more: 

Rise’s mission is to train parents to write and speak about their experiences in order to support parents and parent advocates and and to guide child welfare professionals in becoming more responsive to the families and communities they serve. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary family separations and increase the likelihood that children who are placed in foster care quickly and safely return home.

Through therapeutic writing workshops for parents, a publication reaching 20,000 readers nationwide, public speaking and staff training reaching thousands of child welfare professionals in New York City, and partnerships with foster care agencies to strengthen their supports for parents, Rise changes the story of who these parents are–and who they can become.


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