Talking ACEs in Nova Scotia


Here's a link to a recent interview I gave in Nova Scotia.

ACEs are rarely talked about in this region, and when they are they are minimized. 

I am a true believer in the benefit of universal knowledge of ACEs throughout all levels of society. I believe ACEs knowledge is essential knowledge that should be accessible to everyone.

As a survivor myself, I know the relief I and many like me experienced when we learned about ACEs and realized there was a logical reason for our difficulties in adulthood. 

For me learning about ACEs was the final piece I needed to get to the root of my adult problems. 

I believe ACEs+ and the way we have historically and intergenerationally raised our children are the root of humanity's problems.

ACEs are the cause of disparity in equitable access to SDoH (Social Determinants of Health). 

ACEs are not personal, they are societal. Although the affected need to make the effort to recover, we cannot nor should we be expected to take on that transformation ourselves. It's the environments we grew up in - nurture over nature - that have caused our skewed development. Our society creates our environments.

Our society must prioritize supporting families and developing children and #AdultsWithACEsRecovery if we are ever going to make the substantive changes we need to make to get to the roots of our collective issues and change the trajectory of humanity's destiny. 

Until we get collective agreement to tackle ACEs, here are a few ideas of how to deal with our own.

Thanks for listening. I'd love to hear your feedback. 

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