Tapping through Panic into Peace

In these times of Coronavirus concerns, it is comforting to know we have an Emotional Freedom Techniques method of tapping that does not require touching the face. Click this link to see an illustration of a tapping protocol that is especially useful in calming fears:


The Gamut Point, found on the back of the hand between the ring and baby finger tendons, sits on Triple Warmer, our fight or flight meridian. Our personal First-Responder, we need Triple Warmer energies when we must take action. However, in times of great stress Triple Warmer can become so vigilant that it becomes more problem than solution. By placing one hand on our Heart Chakra while tapping on the space between these two tendons with two, three, or even four fingers of the other hand, we soothe Triple Warmer's reactivity and assure our sensitive sympathetic nervous system that it is safe to return to a calm and regulated emotional state. Tapping on the Gamut Point while reading distressing updates, fearing the worst for loved ones in hospital or nursing home, or simply aching for the world, reminds our amazingly responsive bodies and minds that we can always return to centre, take a breath, and so add to the peace of the world. Our individual self-regulation, achieved through this simple protocol, is a wonderful gift to ourselves and to others in these highly challenging times.

with love and peace, Jane

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