The Brain Change Summit, A FREE Online Event (Now through May 2nd)


I want to be sure you are all aware of this opportunity. The Brain Change Summit is a FREE 10-day online event. It’s currently underway and the speakers have been really outstanding. 

For registration and further details:

I’ll be speaking on Calming the Fear-Driven Brain on April 30 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET. 

Once you’ve registered, you will be able to watch the speakers here:

(You will also get a link to the live broadcasts in an email when you register.) 

Join me and 24 of today’s leading neuroscience experts and functional medicine practitioners for practical training sessions designed to help you optimize your brain for greater health, resilience, performance, and peace.


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Thank you for posting this!

I will be listening tomorrow night and am sharing this with practitioners and others who would be interested.

Thank you for what you’re doing to help us better understand neurofeedback. I wish it were more readily available for people with high ACE scores and others who need it.