The dad from that viral baby video is demonstrating a crucial parenting skill [Quartz]


Editor’s note:  This article was included in the monthly update from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child that featured the campaign “Let’s Tell the World about #ServeAndReturn.”  If you’re not one of the 55 million + viewers of this video, don’t miss it.  It is heartwarming and funny (the father is a Tennessee comedian), and wonderful example of a child learning love and language.

Last week, a video of a dad talking to his 19-month-old son broke the internet.

In the clip, Tennessean comedian DJ Pryor talks to his son, Kingston Pryor, about the finale of the TV show Empire. While Kingston can’t formulate intelligible sentences, this doesn’t seem to faze DJ, who happily carries on conversing with his son as he babbles and gestures adorably at the TV.

The video has been watched more than 55 million times and shared 1.5 million times on Facebook alone. As CNN’s Chris Cuomo explained in an interview with the father and son last week, “All parents can relate, that we wish we could be like you in those moments; how you made it something.”

Click here to read the entire June 11th article by Annabelle Timsit.


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