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The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set is Launched!


For those working with students/clients of all ages and stages, this is a tool that helps folks identify their feelings -- both positive and negative. It has a thoughtful explanation Dr. Ed Wang and I developed together on how The Feeling Alphabet works and why it works and then a myriad of activities. That introduction is useful reading generally.  The whole activity set is priced right: $4.99. 

There are two ways to get the download and it is cheaper to download several copies than print color copies!   We are trying to make it affordable.  Every student could download it at home!  A resource.  

Here's how to order: (1) Go to and see tab labeled books at the top.  Under that, The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set Appears.  Hit the tab and download.  (2) Go to this site and download.

Comments welcome on the product and its use. We are planning to conduct online fora for feedback and update the Activity Set with suggestions and drawings and ideas at a later date. So, it is a shared project and students and adults can improve the alphabet.  For real.

P.S.  The Cover is an activity too. Guess what one can do related to the cover?

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