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The Healing Place Podcast: Guest Request


I have completed the Pandemic Self-Care series: a collection of 36 hope-filled interviews with inspirational healers and trauma-warriors from across the globe. As of today, over 74,500 people have viewed the Facebook LIVE video conversations. Exciting to know these messages of hope are reaching so many.

I am now looking to book more podcast guests into summer and fall 2020. My platform is one of hope and healing, therefore, I am looking to cover topics such as:

* strategies for overcoming trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and/or PTSD and CPTSD

* up and coming therapeutic modalities

* research in the fields of brain plasticity, neurobiology, Polyvagal theory, and other similar studies

* holistic approaches to healing along with spiritual healing philosophies

* authors of upcoming book releases focused on hope, healing, and guiding others toward joy

* hope-related resources and businesses

Please reach out to me at and include your bio and media kit (if you have one). I will then review and send a formal invitation and my Calendly link, if we are a good fit for an interview. I look forward to meeting you as a potential guest on the show.

As an FYI, The Healing Place Podcast has been downloaded in audio format in 66 countries around our beautiful world and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Blubrry, Pandora, Deezer, Google Podcasts, and more. The podcast episodes are also available in video format on YouTube and have 13,741 views.

Thank you!


Teri Wellbrock

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