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The Healing Place Podcast's Growing Global Reach


This makes my heart happy. Thank you to all of my supporters for helping this happen. Posts from The Healing Place Podcast Facebook page reached 27,000+ people in the last 4 weeks. And 439 people joined this healing space. Then the posts were liked, commented on, or shared 3,589 times.

The episodes have been downloaded in 47 countries as of this morning.

Sending you all healing hugs and/or vibes as thanks for your support (your preference on which you'd prefer so as to honor your needs).

Have a blessed and tranquil day. And THANK YOU, again.

If you have not yet "liked" or followed The Healing Place Podcast page, please do! I am closing in on another goal.

Podcast growth 2

My goal with this podcast is to offer a space for others to shine their light of hope, to share beautiful and brilliant insights on ACEs, trauma-recovery, hope, healing, resilience, research, personal stories of triumph over trauma, and so much more.

You can listen in to these hope-filled conversations at:






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My website

Be sure to ask your Google mini, Alexa, or Siri to play the latest episode of The Healing Place Podcast!


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Cissy White (ACEs Connection Staff) posted:

Aren't the engagement and reach tools the best? It's not always clear who (if anyone) is reading or listening. But your work, ALL YOUR WORK, remains out in the world for people to find, discover, and learn from. I'm a huge fan, as you know, of you and other survivor-led resources. Thanks for sharing! Cissy

I just started paying attention to them and, yes, I am loving them! Keeps me moving forward. I had a phone interview with the CEO of my hosting company recently and he reminded me to stay focused on the idea of "just helping one person, just reaching that individual who needs to hear my message" and to not get caught up in the numbers. I am heeding his advice and am putting out the stuff I wish I had had when I first started searching for answers. Thankfully I have this amazing space as a resource! Thanks so much for cheering me on, being one of my first interviews and helping me learn, for all you do to inspire me. I am a huge fan of yours for living life fully even in the midst of difficulty. You're my hero. For real. Sending you hugs, and positive energy, and prayers.



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