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"The Making and Unmaking of a Bully"


Today is Pink Shirt Day, a day to remind us adults of a child's need for safe and nurturing environments, including the children who have difficulty regulating their emotions.

Here is a great article to help us understand the needs of children with bullying behaviours.


"One of the most effective ways to increase the vulnerability of a bully and bring down emotional defenses is through the caring relationship with adults. It will fall to these adults to find a way to cultivate relationships with a bully and invite them to rest in their care. When a bully feels cared for again they can be made fully human and humane.  A bully’s heart can only be brought back to life with the caring heart of another human being. Insight from adults is needed to help others understand that hurt kids are the ones most likely to hurt others."

Course: Making and Unmaking of a Bully:

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