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The more I "Meet" Members....


I have to say I am quite impressed with the people who have reached out to me after I posted that I was interested in collaborating.

Over my 30 years working in healthcare -- with a focus of quality improvement -- I have recognized over and over that we are such a reactive society.  

BUT!!! You guys rock.  So many people are doing AMAZING things.  But we are mostly invisible, as the reactive seems to outshine the proactive prevention.

BUT!!!! Not if we can collaborate and band together.  Just imagine the possibilities if we combine what we've accomplished, our missions and goals.  I have attached an overview of our Foundation for your reference so you can see what we've been working on.

TOGETHER we can actually cause the shift that has not happened -- YET.  It's up to the PEOPLE to make it happen.

Please contact me at 631-331-2675 (office) or email me

We can shift things to the positive and possibilities.  Why?  Because everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy life. <3


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Doreen...Great work. I agree we are an invisible group right now. Not sure if we can collaborate but I can share what I have been doing. I also created a non-profit 501(C)3, COPE24...Changing Our Parenting Experience. We can be found at

The stance we have taken is that getting to the root of most of our social problems must include parenting and child development education. We are targeting all high schools. We believe that all high school students should be required to have this type of education during their high school career. In that effort we use our funds to create reality-based documentary videos designed to ignite discussion and debate within the classroom. Our videos do not sugar coat how abuse, neglect, dysfunction and chaos affect children. We can only break the cycle by getting out in front of the problem and educating all of our youth before they become parents. 

Getting school systems to change will be tough but certainly more plausible if we have the medical community behind us. Just thought you should know. Rene

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