The Power of Sharing on Facebook and Social Media.

I shared this post on my Facebook profile and the next day I got a notice of the people who shared my post. I was astounded as it was over 1000 shares in 24 hours. I do not know the final count as Facebook could not keep up with the sharing. What was heart touching is the number of people who want to see this in their schools and want real changes for their children.  Watch this video. It is big fun. 

School Sends Kids To Meditation Instead of Detention, With Amazing Results

I also have a like page and you can come and see how that looks. I have 17,000 followers and include a ACEs Connection post almost every day. My post reach ( eyes on post ) runs between 280,000 and 400,000 per week and my engagement (actions on page) runs between 30,000 and 60,000 per week. Go and visit my " Like Page "

From my Like page, I drive people to my emotional healing support group and I have now 3800 people exposed to and doing deep emotional healing.  See  Language Lessons of the Heart support group.

I also have a group that is local to me and am starting a community slowly, Trauma-Informed Savannah/Chatham. I post many ACEs Connection post and videos in that group. Anybody in east Georgia is welcome to join.

I hope this helps and encourages everybody to keep posting on social media. Build your community and share the message. It does take time and effort but is well worth it. If anybody has questions about social media or building up your LIKE page I am happy to help. 


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