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The relation between childhood trauma and addiction - Dr. Gabor Mate


Hello Dear Community Members,

I have come across a wonderful, simple to the fact 9 minute youTube clip I feel is important to share with our community: it is about the relation between childhood trauma and substance use disorder (SUD).  (Click this link to see the youTube clip).

Dr. Gabor Mate is a renowned expert physician in the SUD field: Click to learn more about Dr. Mate's work.

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I am a huge fan of Dr Gabor Mate's work.  His work on attachment and emotional health, combined with my own experiences, has hugely influenced the work I do with families.  I now use music in my online programmes to increase connection in families, teach mental and emotional health and impact belief systems in younger children with music.

I'd like to share a rather unusual, free, aces prevention resource...parenting tips bumper stickers!  Advancing Parenting, a  Camarillo, CA nonprofit, produces parenting tips bumper stickers and makes them available at no cost to businesses, organizations, clinics, schools, and individuals.  There are fifty-one in a set and each bumper sticker communicates a parenting behavior or practice generally recognized as supporting the healthy development of children.  Just one will be read thousands of times!

Bumper stickers are a unique and powerful way to educate everyone about parenting and prevent child abuse five, ten, twenty, fifty years down the road. At stoplights drivers and passengers point, smile, and nod.  Conversations begin and often a phone is used to take a photo of the sticker right at the stoplight.  Presumably, they are being shared on social media.  It's wonderful to see!

Sets of the stickers can be put in holders and placed on counters and tables so folks can select one or more for their cars.  Visit to order this free resource.  Use a computer...our website is not optimized for phones.  Please share.


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