The Relentless School Nurse: What Happened at School Today - Message From a Student


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Today I received a message from a former student who is now a grown man. My favorite memory about him was his big beautiful smile. I have not seen him for at least a decade, if not longer.  He found me on Facebook a few months ago and today he sent me this message:

Yesterday my son was sent home from school with a project to do on their superhero, so I thought I should tell you that you are mine. I never told you but in the 4th grade, your kind words and warm hugs saved me, one morning you allowed me to sit down in your office because you seen I wasn't having a good day. The night before that was a very bad day for me. The day we talked was the same day I planned to commit suicide, but thanks to your loving and warm felt words and hugs I'm able to be here for my sons and move forward with life. Thank You Sooooo Muchhh 🥰🤗

I kept this story in for a lonnnnngg time, I just wanted you to know that you matter!

Never doubt that those moments of care, the ones where we have to dig really deep to take care of one more student, may just be the moment that makes all the difference. My student, with the biggest smile, was hiding a very sad and complicated childhood. He hid it well, I never knew

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Carey S. Sipp (ACEs Connection Staff) posted:

Wow, Robin. Just one person. Just one day. Just one can change everything, eh? 

Thanks for all you do to educate the world on the impact of toxic childhood stress, the importance of ACEs Science, the value of applying trauma-informed/resilience practices in every instance. 

Thanks for sharing this inspiring post! 

Thanks so much, Carey! This is what my former student shared with me after I asked his permission to tell his story:

"It made me cry going back into time thinking about the memory, it also made me very grateful to have you as a nurse. I hope not just other nurses, teachers, or Students learn from this situation, but that people, in general, learn from this. Kindness is the key factor to happiness. I can’t wait to see you Ms. Cogan 🥰❤️"