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The right verdict


Many people woke up Tuesday morning worrying about the verdict a jury would deliver in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, and agonizing over the possibility that yet again justice would be denied.

That we would even consider that justice might be denied in such an egregious case in which dozens of people witnessed first-hand the murder of Floyd, and millions more watched his tragic and needless death on video says so very much about the state of justice in this country. It's abysmal.

For too many millions — I would say most people — this place we call home is not a just country, in too many large and small ways. For many, injustice is a way of life, merely because the color of a person's skin, or a person's history, faith, gender, abilities, or economic status.

For today, however, in this one case, justice was served. I hope it's a turning point.

We at PACEs Connection are doing everything we can to make it a turning point, by simply educating people that there is no such thing as "other". By replacing blame, shame and punishment in all interactions with understanding, nurturing, and healing. In other words, with love.

RIP, George Floyd. I'm so sorry you had to die the way you did. I hope your sacrifice changes the course of our history and inspires the emergence of a kind and just society.

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This was my initial reaction, too. Justice. Then scrolling and reading the correction of this perception from so many Black activists and folks on social media. Accountability...hardly the minimum, and we will have to see what happens with sentencing. Mass Liberation AZ wrote it this way in their email:

"If we want to see true justice, we must divest from police who keep taking lives and reinvest in systems that give life. We must invest in people, in communities, in health. Punishment is not progress. Systems of punishment can never lead to healing or liberation. Justice can only occur in a world without police and prisons."

I'm not sure if this link will be viewable for others, but the whole thing is worth the read:

Tears of relief, and inspiration.  Inspiration is also the drawing in of breath, something George Floyd was denied.

We are working together to undo four centuries of systemic injustice in this country.  That injustice has impacted every aspect of living and dying - labor, housing, education, health, environment, the vote.

Working together gives us the strength of voice, passion, energy, knowledge, and wisdom.  We will certainly meet continued resistance.

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