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The Surviving Spirit Newsletter August 2019


Hi Folks, The latest edition of the Surviving Spirit Newsletter is posted at the website -

To sign up for an e-mail copy, please write to me @ or sign up @ Website via Contact Us, Thanks! Michael.


Newsletter Contents:


1] The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS

2] Art and Healing Organizations & Programs - One of the Most Comprehensive Online Resources of Art & Healing

3] How does music therapy work? Brain study sheds light – Medical News Today By Lauren Sharkey

3a] Vince Gill - "Forever Changed" (acoustic) - YouTube Music 5:28 minutes

4] My first album release, twenty years ago! - Train of Tears by Michael Skinner on Amazon Music

5] Dr. Charles Smith: Aurora @ The John Michael Kohler Arts Center

6] Doctors couldn't diagnose my mental health problems. But then they saw my art - Society - The Guardian by Lorna Collins

7] A New Normal: Ten Things I’ve Learned About Trauma – Sojourners by Catherine Woodiwiss

8] Strangulation, Domestic Violence, and Brain Injury: An Introduction to a Complex Topic by By Jerrod Brown, Ph.D. @ Brain Injury Association of America

8a] Launching New Study: Intimate Partner Abuse (IPA) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – Research Notes

9] Why doctors are increasingly prescribing nature, PBS Newshour – YouTube 9:09 minutes

10] 'Simply seeing green spaces' may help reduce cravings - Medical News Today By Maria Cohut

11] Study: Kids Who Grow Up Surrounded By Nature Become Happier Adults – Return To Now

12] Social activity in your 60s may lower dementia risk by 12% Medical News Today, by Ana Sandoiu

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Hi Folks, if you have a healing website to share, music, a poem, a book, an article for future newsletters, please let me know. Anything that promotes Hope, Healing & Help for those impacted by trauma, abuse and mental health is welcomed.  Thanks & take care, Michael

PS Have a good day!!!

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