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The Texas Census Is in Trouble []


A conference room in a Houston municipal building will soon take the form of a political war room.

Maps outlining city blocks and tracts will adorn the walls. Operatives will gather to strategize on block-walking in different communities. And outreach plans will be solidified in hopes of shaking hands and meeting with as many constituents as possible.

The extensive ground game that will be formulated in that war room, and similar ones across the state, won’t be in support of any candidate or political campaign. Instead, it will be to promote the once-in-a-decade census—a crucial count of every person living in the United States.

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During the 2000 US Census, I worked two different assignments: One involved enumerating both 'sheltered' and 'un-sheltered' Homeless Citizens (in Sullivan County, New Hampshire-[not predominantly an 'Urban' environment]).

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