Thinking Developmentally: New book by Dr. Andrew Garner and Dr. Robert Saul


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AThinkingDevChildhood experiences can affect a person’s lifelong health. Thinking Developmentally presents a clinical framework for understanding the impact of toxic stress and both adverse and affiliative childhood experiences on development. It makes a compelling case that many diseases of adulthood are not adult-onset, but rather adult-manifest, based on genetic and epigenetic consequences from early childhood experiences.

Garner and Saul examine the needs of children and the role of parents, caregivers, the community, and medical practitioners in ensuring that children have safe, stable, and nurturing relationships. They explore community empowerment and offer suggestions for applying developmental science to help bring about healthy children, nurturing families, and caring communities.


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I appreciate all the efforts being done to help families and children become stronger and to help those who work with these families become better at what we do.  With that being said, I wish that those putting out these great products could remember that many of us have very shoe string budgets that are hanging on by a thread.  I was going to request this book from my program manager but it was $50, unfortunately our program runs very tight and each year gets tighter with Trust Fund Dollars shrinking.  I can't justify the cost when $50 will make sure the families I work with can have gas cards to get to their medical appointments.  Love the Deepest Well and Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline. 

You can never learn enough about how toxic stress and its impact can be repaired in children and adults from "difficult beginnings."  More and more, I am seeing that most people can claim to be from "difficult beginnings."  Life, as most of us live it, is stressful. @attachplace