Toxic Stress Is The Hidden Public Health Crisis California's New Surgeon General Wants To Solve []


Our brains grows so much in the first few years of life that any trauma we experience during that time can affect our health forever.

California's new, first-ever surgeon general, Dr. @Nadine Burke Harris, has made the link between childhood adversity and long-term health the focus of her work.

She was sworn in by Gov. Gavin Newsom last week and calls her new role a "dream job."

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So excited for Dr. Harris and for California. Congratulations! Nadine,  you are my hero. I have your book, watched you on TED and read anything you have anything to do with regarding children. For over twenty-five years I ran a therapeutic child care/preschool in OK. We were one out of ten programs that were a part of a national research project from Portland State University on accommodating challenging behavior children. We learned first hand and came to the conclusion early on that these children had experienced some type of trauma. But no one wanted to listen to us. We were successful at accommodating many children. Wish we had had  you and your research in the nineties. Thank you for all you do and again CONGRATULATIONS!