Tracey Farrell on Resilience, Trauma and Lived Experience (


@Lisa Cherry and @Tracey Farrell  are having conversations so many of us are having as well as related to our personal and professional work and healing. 

The video is above. I'll share just one quote from each of them that stayed with me so you can get a sense of who they are and what's being discussed. 

"..I'm always drawn back to thinking about my own experience of working in in Social Work teams and in education and yet not feeling comfortable safe or really like it was an option to be

open about my own experience which was yes highly relevant I now know as an independent person being on a very long personal and professional and academic journey. Until we make those spaces safe for staff then how are we making those species safe for people who are using the services?" Lisa Cherry
I love that idea of if an intergenerational trauma can be passed down through all of those generations then so too can those healing practices and I really really love that that idea is now starting to be understood more widely as well."
Tracey Farrell

The video about resilience that Tracey Farrell created and that's mentioned in the conversation above is included down below and and here. 

Lisa's other video interviews and conversations can be found here. 

I appreciate our worldwide movement and being able to share these tools and conversations. 


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